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::The Metro in Chicago::
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This is a community for everyone who likes going to shows at the Metro in downtown Chicago. If you share the love for the Metro like we do (such as finding out your favorite or nearly favorite bands are playing an upcoming show in Chicago and it's going to be at the Metro) and this excites you, then join! But please don't count on us to give you info the Metro's history or the phone number..we don't work there, we just love going to shows there!

A Few Things To Consider
1. If you have a long story to tell, please use an LJ-cut. If you don't know how an LJ-cut works, go here->

2. Join so that you can say nice things about the Metro and have fun, you'll be kicked out if you want to bash.
3. Tell us about your favorite show at the Metro, what bands were playing, and the such.
4. If you have any information about an upcoming show at the Metro, post it because chances are someone here wants to know the goods.